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Consistently ranked at the top of Building Industry Magazine’s annual list of the Top 25 Contractors in the State of Hawaii, Hawaiian Dredging has played an integral role in the development of Hawaii’s economy and infrastructure. Their diverse portfolio includes the construction of shopping centers, major hotels, resorts and high-rise apartments.


Interview with Project Manager - Scott Cody from Hawaiian Dredging.

Scott manages services prior to the construction of large commercial buildings, including high-end residential apartments, hospitality, hotels and retail spaces. When architects and designers specify stone, tiles or ….. he uses Pono Stone to source the exact products required. Pono stone provides Scott with samples to submit for approval with products specifications, cost analysis and installation instructions.

Some projects require customised solutions, Pono Stone uses their extensive contacts world wide to source new products and offer alternate options.

When choosing a supplier Scott considers lead time requirements, quality and consistency of the product, an awareness of total stock efficiencies, use of new technologies and ability to deliver.  

Pono Stone provides excellent customer service from the initial consultation from through to delivery on time and quality control on site with the installer.

Pono Stone arranges all shipping logistics for importing products from worldwide suppliers, everything is seamless, delivery dates are met and communicated with site managers. Scott highly recommends Pono stone because the team provide a comprehensive service with an excellent reputation for going over and above customer expectations.


Scott uses Pono Stone because...

"they are very experienced, easy to deal with, proactive with solving any problems and follows up with installers."