Stone look porcelain tiles


Stone Look Collections 

by Pono Stone

Porcelain designs created to look like stone floors but with the durability of porcelain tiles.

Pono Stone works directly with contractors, architect and designers to supply high-quality porcelain which can be used for indoor tiling projects.


Inspired by a large prehistoric ocean that once covered the Moroccan Sahara more than 380 million years ago, we present Absolute. Sizes: 12x24 inch, Hexagon Mosaic 3x3 9x11 inch and Mosaic 12x12 inch.



A contemporary look designed to satisfy the most sophisticated aesthetic. Basaltine is ideal for both walls and floors and comes in either a natural or grip finish. Sizes: 12x12 inch, 6x24 inch, 12x24 inch, 24x24 inch, 18x36 inch, 24x48 inch and Mosaic 12x12 inch.



Breccia is an Italian word describing a fragment of mineral or rock formed together to make a new complex structure. Sizes: 3x12 inch, 12x12 inch, 12x24 inch and Mosaic 12x12 inch.



A nod to the natural beauty of Scandinavian design, Essence offers four beautiful designer colors, each a tribute to the elegant look of Norwegian slate. Sizes: 6x24 inch, 12x24 inch, 24x24 inch and Brick Mosaic 12x12 inch.



The crisp veining and bold shading of Evolution’s multiple color offerings and mosaic options are the perfect example of how digital technology has revolutionized the tile industry, bringing clarity to what was once a blur. Sizes: 12x24 inch, 6x36 inch, 18x36 inch, Mosaic 12x12 inch and Hexagon Mosaic 15x10 inch.



Inspired by one of the hallmarks of Anglo-Saxon architecture, Galaxy blends the essence of sandstone with the durability of porcelain to create a truly unique tile collection. Sizes: 12x24 inch and Mosaic 12x12 inch.



Inspired by the natural travertine stone forever preserved in homes and businesses across America, Heritage represents the foundation of Milestone. Sizes: 6x24 inch, 12x24 inch and Mosaic 12x12 inch.



Layers is a stone look tile inspired by those paths across terrain where nature offers the least amount of resistance. Sizes: 6x24 inch, 12x24 inch and Mosaic 12x12 inch.



Luxury fuses the timeless and classic look of marble with a contemporary touch. Sizes: 12x24 inch, 24x48 inch and Hexagon Mosaic 3x3 9x11 inch.



Used as early as the Egyptian Second Dynasty in carvings and ornaments, the gemstone is characterized by bands of white and gold veining woven into a smooth, almost translucent appearing body. The depth of movement in this collection creates a richer and more profound profile, adding texture, dimension and a robust sensation to your space. Sizes: 12x24 inch, 24x24 inch, 24x48 inch, Mosaic 12x12 inch and Brick Mosaic 3x6 12x12 inch.



The product of natural mineral streams, travertine stone is formed as forces of nature come together to create a distinctive look and personality for each piece. Revival is a tribute to travertine’s depth of character and quiet natural beauty. Sizes: 6x24 inch, 12x24 inch and Mosaic 12x12 inch.



The unique shade variation found in Stonefire is representative of the setting sun giving way to shadows, while the striations on the tile reflect the windswept markings of the true stone. The stone-veined surface create an amazing visual effect that greatly enhances both interiors and exteriors. Sizes: 12x12 inch, 12x24 inch, 18x18 inch and Mosaic 12x12 inch.



Made with high definition graphics, this stone look style is a perfect choice for both walls and floors in the kitchen, the living room and the bathroom.. Sizes: 12x12 inch, 6x24 inch, 12x24 inch, 11x23 inch and Mosaic 12x12 inch.



A tile with all the beauty and character of natural limestone, but with the added value of extreme durability and easy maintenance. Suburb is perfect for residential floors, walls and countertops. Sizes: 12x24 inch and Mosaic 12x12 inch.