Lunada Bay Textile Collection glass tile


The Textile Collection

Glass tile brought to you by Pono Stone




Inspired by some of the most remarkable vintage textile patterns and weaving techniques from around the world, Textile by Lunada Bay Tile creates imaginative, sustainable and glimmering glass mosaic tile surfaces for commercial and residential applications in three patterns – Bargello, Imberline and Normandie Deco.


The name Bargello originates from a pair of 17th century chairs discovered in the Bargello palace in Florence, which incorporated the flame stitch pattern into the chair upholstery.



While Imberline is traditionally used in upholstery and drapery, Lunada Bay recreated the pattern in lustrous glass tile that is perfect for walls and backsplashes where a dramatic stripe can make a visual impact.



Lunada Bay Tile takes a cue from the opulent Art Deco furnishings found in the famous 1930s French luxury ocean liner.