Porcelain Featured Collections

Porcelain Featured Collections by Pono Stone







Porcelain tile is made from finer, denser clay than standard ceramic tile and is fired at higher temperatures. It’s extremely durable, making it an ideal option for high traffic areas in both residential and commercial buildings. 



Hexagonal mosaics have been a design mainstay for centuries. The Nova Hex Collection breathes new life into this timeless feature with a larger, stretched format and rich, dynamic colors. The collection is available in five colors and three dimensional formats; flat, as well as contrasting bevel-in and bevel-out profiles. The multiple formats and complimentary color tones of Nova Hex offers a unique opportunity to express your individual style. 

Pono Stone works directly with contractors, architect and designers to supply high quality natural stone which can be used for any indoor tiling or outdoor area projects.

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